Monday, March 18, 2013

Controversal Opinions

I know this is a controversial opinion but I don’t care what the liberals say. I don’t think Chewie deserved a medal at the end of A NewHope. Sure he did his part in the battle of Yavin, but so did a lot of other guys. Porkins gave his life and he didn’t even get a medal. I didn’t see a medal around R2’s neck and he did the most work of all.

Han chose to fight, not Chewie. Chewie is more or less a slave. Also Han shot the guy near the guy that crashed into Vader. So he saved Luke’s life who then destroyed the Death Star, thus saving all the rebels and killing all the baddies.

Yes Chewie helped out, but so did a lot of guys. He should be grateful just to be on the stand instead of in the crowd.

Plus maybe he got a medal and it's under his fur.

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  1. In the novelization it says he'd be getting a medal. The author probably wrote that to fix what he saw was wrong.
    Chewie was just the co-pilot, too.